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Hillsdale Farm
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Hillsdale Farm




In 1960, a unique 18-parcel collection of prime agricultural land was amalgamated into one operation for the sole purpose of high quality, high yield potato and seed production.

 Spearheaded by Rocco and Gordon Cappuccitti, their foresight pinpointed a specific geographical area in Simcoe County isolated from all other potato production in the region. The result, over 730 hectares (1800 acres) of disease free, prime potato lands known today as Hillsdale Farms.

Because Canada’s Ministry of Agriculture plays an open and supportive role with the nation’s growers, the onus to practice professional farming techniques has always been placed in the hands of the growers themselves.

Consequently for over 35 years, the careful management and responsible agricultural practices of the Cappuccitti brothers have cultivated these rich, high ground soils into some of Ontario’s most valuable potato producing land.

As the exclusive potato producing operation within a 25 km radius (15 mile), Hillsdale Farm is perfectly positioned in the Township of Springwater, to access major processing and distribution markets throughout the Province. The absence of neighboring potato-growing operations in the area gives the Farms a geographic advantage in the fight against migratory disease contamination.

Within 90 minutes south of Hillsdale Farms is the Greater Toronto Area (110 kilometers / 70 miles), Canada’s largest population center to over 6.1 million people. Alliston, another of Ontario’s major potato production and processing areas sits 50 kilometers southwest (31 miles) of the operation, with Barrie the fastest growing city in Canada (pop’n 100,000+) resting on the doorstep only 20 kilometers south (12 miles). The United States border (New York State), a mere 2-1/2 hours away, Hillsdale Farm’s prime location has been paramount to its continued success for decades.

Transportation links to these processing, distribution, manufacturing and labour markets are minutes away from the farm’s facilities. Easy access is possible via the major Provincial 400 series highways (6 lane) and three (3) secondary 2-lane highway connector routes (#27, #11 and #93).

Hillsdale Farms land parcels integrate via (2) township maintained concession roads (paved) and numerous side roads (gravel).



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